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2000KG/H Coal Fired Boiler , 2 ton/h coal fired boiler price ,2 ton/h coal fired boiler ,manual type boiler
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DZH horizontal coal-fired hand-fired steam boiler, hand-fired boiler is the layer combustion furnace is the most simple one, because of its coal, fire cleaning slag are manual to complete the name, the adaptability to coal, easy to grasp the operation, but the labor intensity. In order to save energy and reduce smoke and dust, the operation method of "frequently, little, fast and even" can be adopted in operation, that is, frequently, little, fast and even coal seam.

Horizontal coal-fired hot water boiler in the structure is a single boiler tube longitudinal type, the furnace on both sides of the water wall tube, and form a wing shaped flue, the boiler tube arranged threaded smoke pipe, with little coal leakage activity grate, reasonable structure, high thermal efficiency, greatly save energy consumption.

6. Horizontal coal-fired atmospheric pressure hot water boiler adopts a single-drum longitudinal layout of the three-stroke water-fire tube structure. On both sides of the furnace dense light tube water cooling wall tube, reasonable design structure, large heating area, long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect, low smoke exhaust temperature, so high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, more economical use.

7, horizontal coal-fired boiler, fuel in the combustion, the flame through the low wall to the combustion chamber, the state from the combustion chamber state through two flanks form before flue to smoke box, again by smoke tube bundle to the smoke chamber, then northwards by induced draft fan through the chimney discharged into the atmosphere, not only can prevent the at the bottom of the pot shell from furnace heat radiation, and can make high temperature smoke tube plate inlet temperature drops, and supplemented by water ejector, no dead zone at the bottom of the drum, also can effectively prevent the tube plate because too cold, boiling and scaling and furnace bottom convex hull, smoke to the smoke chamber can dust removal effect, also reduces the original exhaust dust concentration.

8, DZG type (horizontal) series coal-fired steam boiler with two return journey water and fire tube hybrid structure, the boiler is arranged a bunch of fire tube, the furnace about two water wall tube, heating surface abundant, high thermal efficiency. Manual coal feeding and natural ventilation. Stable and full combustion, fire, heating, quick pressure boost. Equipped with several protective devices, such as water level gauge, safety valve and pressure gauge, the operation state is clear at a glance, which fundamentally eliminates the worries of users and is safe and reliable to use.

9. DZH type (horizontal) series coal-fired steam boiler adopts a three-stroke mixed structure of water-fire tube, and the boiler body adopts threaded smoke tube to enhance heat transfer and reduce energy consumption. With the manual burning activity grate, easy to operate, convenient. The boiler has compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation and installation.